About Us


KLMKH, Inc. is a public energy company focused on the oil, gas and solar industries. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, KLMKH is rapidly expanding operations through acquisitions and property leasing in the Midwest. KLMKH is maintaining its traditional focus on oil and gas exploration and production while expanding into the solar energy arena. KLMKH team consists of a total of 100 years of combined oil and natural gas field experience. KLMKH is a licensed oil field operator in the State of Kansas and currently owns 111 existing wells (including 1 disposal well) on approximately 22,800 acres of land in the Jefferson and Leavenworth Counties of Kansas with proven reserve of 300 million barrels of oil, owning the surface on 141 acres. These particular oil fields have value because they have underdeveloped oil/gas reservoir below the gas field itself in the Mississippian Geological zone. In reserve reports prepared by Dwayne McCune, P.E. (KS 7034) there are references to, and past historical production reports of, natural gas in the Mississippian zone. There are current producers, including KLMKH, drilling below 1500’ on the fringes of the gas field and producing oil and gas on a commercially viable scale.

Core Values

Our company values include integrity, honesty, trust, boldness and teamwork. We are keen on analyzing data and information to make the best data-driven decisions. We pride ourselves on building genuine relationships with clients and business partners. We embrace opportunities and meet adversity with purposeful plans of action executed to the very best of our abilities.


KLMKH strives to build strong long-term relationships with other businesses. We understand the importance of developing close and long-lasting relationships with companies in our network. We believe that the relationship we build with our business partners directly influences the growth and profitability of each company.

Meet the Team

Anthony Melikhov – Chairman

Native of Minsk, Belarus he demonstrated extraordinary entrepreneurial skills in developing and managing very complex systems and successful enterprises. Grew companies from startups to multimillion dollar organizations by developing branded products which became leaders in their categories for that specific sector of the market. Without formal education developed abilities to do financial planning, forecasting and analysis, create strategies for the business development and fix the problems.

Randolph Franklin – CEO

Mr. Franklin is a graduate of Norwich University and a long-time operator of a multitude of business from construction and development to the Oil and Gas industry. He also has a background in Alternative and Emerging Energy Markets.

Tyrus Young – CFO, Treasurer, Director

Mr. Young is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in Business and a minor in Accounting. He manages the Accounting and coordinates the business development for the company.

Andrew Kramer – Director, Secretary

Mr. Kramer is a graduate of Tulane University holding a Law degree. He is a frequent speaker and advocate for business and has experience as an oil and gas litigator and as a transactional attorney in the industry.

David Hunt – Director, Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Hunt is a graduate of North Carolina State University in Electrical Engineering. He has served on the Board of the company since 2018 and the Boards of several companies and firms over the last 30 years.

Barry Hopking – Director, Assistant Secretary

Mr. Hopking is a native of South Africa and has experience in Many diversified businesses and a main shareholder for the company. His background is in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Retail.